StableCrete Concrete Sealer
Seals and waterproofs concrete, masonry, brick, pavers and natural porous stone

StableCrete Concrete Sealer

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Sold in one gallon and five gallon containers. Call for orders over 30 gallons!
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StableCrete Concrete Sealer was designed to penetrate up to 4 inches into masonry, concrete, plaster, stucco, precast concrete, pavers and most natural stone by soaking in from the surface and migrating down through the voids in the substrate to seal and waterproof the substrate. As it soaks into the substrate’s matrix, it concurrently binds all component parts into a denser solid. Once this penetration takes place, the free lime and alkali are encapsulated so that they do not react with topical chemicals or the environment. As the concrete matrix increases in density it becomes waterproofed and resistant to water, acid, salt water, deicing salts, oil and grease. StableCrete will also stop dusting, rutting and spalling as well as help prevent deterioration of the surface such as cracking, crumbling, seepage or pitting while simultaneously increasing the density and tensile strength of the concrete matrix. All voids within the concrete are filled thus preventing any penetration of water or contaminants from the surface either horizontally or vertically. Contaminants cannot be absorbed by the concrete matrix and instead stay on top of the surface where they can more easily be washed off or removed (e.g. rust stains from irrigation, red clay stains, organics, etc.) BENEFITS OF USING STABLECRETE CONCRETE SEALER 1. It is inert, inorganic, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, (Green Product). 2. Seals and waterproofs concrete, cement, brick, stucco, plaster, mortar, precast concrete, pavers, terrazzo and most natural stones. 3. Is not a surface coating or membrane, (will not wear off or breakdown). 4. Safe to use inside or outside and permanently seals and waterproofs walls and floors of new or old unpainted and uncoated surfaces. 5. No special equipment required to apply StableCrete.