StableCrete™ Concrete Sealer

StableCrete™ A product that’s acronym name is derived from STABILIZATION of CONCRETE. The name has nothing to do with support or foundations, yet everything to do with chemistry of concrete and the importance of understanding its role in longevity of all concrete structures.

Corrosion does not occur without Moisture and Oxygen!

A simple fact, often overlooked but when you use StableCrete™ concrete sealer to waterproof and seal concrete you create a no-low oxygen/moisture environment.

Concrete is thermodynamically unstable and begins to deteriorate as soon as it is exposed to Earths atmosphere. It is then the corrosion process begins the inevitable cycle that results in costly repair or complete failure of a structure.

Concrete (a system of cement paste binding together aggregates to form artificial stone) is highly reactive to exposure conditions eventually affecting strength and eventual deterioration. The most common agents affecting a concrete are:

  • Moisture and Ground Water intrusion;
  • Carbon Dioxide and Acid Rain;
  • Marine Environments and Chloride Contamination;
  • Temperature Cyclic Activity;
  • Deicing Salts/Chemicals employed.

StableCrete™ concrete sealer has been used for industrial, commercial and residential projects, inside or out, and on new and old masonry. The product is remarkably superior to other sealers because it seals and protects from within. StableCrete™ concrete sealer does not migrate out of the concrete matrix with time, contains no silicates, and does not require a re-application. StableCrete does not create a membrane, it is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic, and comes with at 15 year warranty.

StableCrete™ concrete sealer employs advanced Polymerized Polyester Polymer chemistry which forms a solid inside a concrete gel pore/capillary system. There is no barrier or film formed on a surface and there are no adhesion or compatibility issues with coatings or mastics later applied in the construction process. Procedures such as curing compound removal, sand blasting, priming or acid etching are not required after a StableCrete™ concrete sealer application. This results in a saving of both time and money on a project.

Please see our partial list of completed Projects to learn more about the diversity of this product or feel free to contact us for more detailed information on these or other challenges you may be facing!

Listed below are some of the benefits of using StableCrete™ concrete sealer to protect and preserve your masonry projects.

  • Stronger bonds of cementatious toppings and coatings ( Prevents alkali burn )
  • Allows for complete internal curing/hydration of structure. ( Retards Evaporation )
  • Cost Savings in eliminating other surface treatment and preparation ( One Step Prep )
  • Increases compressive and tensile strength ( No Dusting )
  • Inhibits corrosion of steel and ties up soluble chlorides ( Inhibits Corrosion Cell Formation )
  • Resistant to attack by almost any substance - salts, acids, oil and grease ( see chemical chart PDF )
  • Problem free flooring installations ( resists water vapor emissions )
  • Decreased curing times for concrete and stucco ( paint stucco in 48 hours )
  • Prevents saponification, efflorescence and ettringite ( no atmospheric reactions )
  • Neutralizes lime and alkali ( to the depth of penetration )