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About Conselcor

About StableCrete

StableCreteâ„¢ is a product manufactured for and exclusively distributed by Conselcor, Inc., a company based in Fort Pierce Florida. We sell and ship this product worldwide with delivery in Continental U.S. within five days of completed order. We ship to your freight forwarder for all overseas destinations. Packaging is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers for direct purchase from our site for orders up to 30 gallons. For orders over 30 gallons call for shipping quotes. We also provide contractor pricing for 55 gallon containers or Totes of 240 gallons upon request.

Conselcor was formed as a company to advise, work with architects, engineers, contractors and building owners as well as selling to the public. It functions as a consulting firm, specializing in steel-in-concrete corrosion, either how to prevent or how to cure. The firm places major emphasis to new structures that a design team includes an application of StableCrete to preserve the concrete integrity from the initial pour.

StableCrete is one of many products distributed by Conselcor and it keeps with Conselcor's philosophy of only distributing the very best products available. StableCrete products are the recognized leader in preserving and protecting concrete, stucco and other cementatious products.

Conselcor conducts in-house programs for architectural and engineering firms which are interested in the latest advancements in the chemistry of concrete preservation. Inclusion of StableCrete in a construction specification assures the owner of a superior concrete product protected well into the future with decreased construction times and less cost on the job.

Concrete Waterproofing and Sealer