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Moisture being driven by capillary action is accountable for a myriad of floor and floor covering issues. An Air Conditioned, Low Humidity interior space is an invitation for moisture to wick toward a cool - dry conditioned air space. Moisture is the catalyst for mold, the reason for adhesive failures and will condense under the most expensive of floor coverings and coatings. High ground water tables, compromised vapor barriers and porous concrete slabs all exacerbate this moisture movement to a floor surface. A simple application of StableCrete fills the Gel-Pore voids and deters this capillary action, without forming a film on a concrete surface to cause adhesion problems in the future. Treated concretes are acid resistant and waterproofed with a higher compressive strength to prevent dusting. This extremely low VOC material is used in occupied space with no concern for personnel safety. A treated surface is ready for all flooring products within 48 hours after application.

Sample of concrete flooring protection projects completed:

Stable Crete applied to cure and retard vapor emissions. Veterans Administration Hospital, Port Charlotte, Florida

Project Veterans Administration Hospital, Port Charlotte, Florida

Owner Dooley & Mack Contractors, Richard Jones (914) 921-4636

Contractor Harvard Jolly Clees Toppe, St. Petersburg, Florida

Use Application to entire concrete slab floor at cool down stage of hydration to prevent ground water vapor from transfer through slab prior to installation of a rubber floor system on completion of job. 80,000 square feet in initial pour without a single crack, followed by flooring installation after ASTM 2170 confirmed a relative humidity of less than 70% in the concrete matrix.

Project Champs Sporting Goods, Westshore Mall, Tampa, Florida

Owner S.A. Kennedy Contractors, Atlanta, Georgia

Contractor Harvard, Jolly, Clees, & Toppe, St. Petersburg, Florida

Use Application to floor slab to retard moisture vapor emission prior to installation of floor coverings.

Project Compatibility and adhesion testing

Owner Freudenberg Building Systems, Lawrence, Maine

Contractor Guenther Kerscher, Technical Director

Use Test of several adhesives used in conjunction with Nora Rubber Flooring installations. Excellent test results and approved for use by corporate offices for use with all flooring system products manufactured by this company. Company endorses use of ASTM 2170 as a test protocol for water vapor emissions prior to installation of it's products.

Project New Recycle Facility Floor Application ( 70,000 square feet)

Owner Schupan & Sons, Inc. Kalamazoo, MI

Contractor Brivar Construction Company, Brighton MI.

Use Company has several recycling plants in operation. All plants are experiencing degradation of the concrete floors in the intake and transfer areas of their plants. Problem is acidic products in recycled containers leak onto the concrete surfaces dissolving the lime that binds the aggregate in the cement paste creating scaling, ruts and dusting throughout plant. StableCrete applied to a 70,000 sq. ft. area 24 hours after concrete pour. Concrete subcontractors completed a wash of the surface and applied StableCrete using a squeegee and heavy knap rollers. Temperature remained above 32 degrees for 24 hours allowing a cure of the product, promoting moisture retention in the slab to provide for better internal hydration and cure of the entire floor. If a coating is later applied (not required) for esthetic purpose there will be no adhesion/ compatibility issues with the coating or a bond.

Concrete Waterproofing and Sealer