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Water & Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Concrete structures exposed to caustic chemicals, sewage effluent, harmful bacteria, and abrasion present a unique challenge to Design teams and operators. Special use concretes must be protected from day one in order to achieve the life cycle and durability demanded of this environment. The onset of a carbonated surface commences as soon as contact with the atmosphere begins to lower the natural High pH of a surface.

High maintenance and repair cost can be avoided with the application of StableCrete to new construction immediately. By waterproofing these structures the acidic results of bacteria that consume hydrogen can be prevented the day a structure is put in service. This inexpensive waterproofing to a surface deprives the concrete matrix of a rich oxygen and moisture interior, which are necessary for corrosion to take place. Very expensive and sophisticated coatings designed to offer protection, enjoy far better adhesion and longevity when applied to a concrete treated with StableCrete.

Sample of water & waster water treatment facilities projects completed:

Waterproofing of 40+ year old Water Tanks

Project Waterproofing of 40+ year old Water Tanks

Owner City of Palm Bay Florida

Contractor Tim VanDeventer, City Staff

Use Forty plus year old water tanks with leakage at cold joints in original pour, Efflorescence and constant peeling paint problems. Mechanical abrasion and efflorescence remover was used to obtain complete removal of salts, followed by high pressure wash of affected surfaces to obtain neutral pH values. Red tinted StableCrete applied with back rolling to insure full depth penetration into crack interiors. Back roll also manages sheet flow to prevent loss of product when applying to vertical or overhead areas.

Waterproofing of 40+ year old Water Tanks

Project Typical Testing on Concrete Wall

Owner ConselcoR Post Application

Contractor Testing conducted by ConselcoR, Inc.

Use Red tint StableCrete applied within Blue taped boundaries. Runoff down wall is noticeable. 24 hours after application water is introduced to protected surface and to untreated area on the left. Observe water being absorbed into untreated concrete on left and below in areas where StableCrete was not evenly applied. Red tinted product is used on larger surface areas to enable Quality Control personnel to have a visual indication of application without testing all concrete surfaces. Tint fades out with UV exposure or is easily washed off with water.

Unidentified Tank Wall

Project Unidentified Tank Wall

Owner Municipality

Contractor Testing conducted by ConselcoR, Inc.

Use Leak check of tank wall demonstrates area of wall overlooked when StableCrete was applied. Left and right side received proper application while center shows water penetration through concrete at lift locations that did not receive proper vibration/consolidation during construction. Acid testing of surfaces confirmed no application to center area. Red tinted product was not used therefore, there was no visual indication of treated surfaces until tank was filled. Several construction days lost to drain and reaclimate tank wall for proper application of product before back filling operations commenced. Retest of area revealed no penetration of tank water to wall exterior.

StableCrete applied to shotcrete surfaces to waterproof. Fleming Island WWTP, Clay County, FL

Project Fleming Island WWTP, Clay County, FL

Owner Clay County Utilities, David Bolam, P.E.

Contractor North Beach Engineers. Jacksonville, Heather Baxter, P.E.

Use Application to influent structure and chlorine contact chambers after restoration. Treatment of new concrete on aeration tank, clarifier tank and chlorine contact chambers after construction.

Application prevents ground water penetration to underground structures. David B. Lee WWTP, City of Melbourne, Florida

Project David B. Lee WWTP, City of Melbourne, Florida

Owner Wharton Smith, Inc., Jupiter, Florida (561) 745-9277

Contractor Hazen Sawyer, Hollywood, Florida Shajan Joykutty, P.E.

Use Application as water, vapor and acid proofing material above and below grade. Structures include clarifiers, reuse filters, headworks, aeration tanks and effluent pump stations. Emphasis placed on wire wound pre stressed tank surfaces which after backfilling would be subject to ground water intrusion at the exterior surface. Protection of wire by maintaining high pH on the steel and prevention of water borne contaminates from entering the Shotcrete were considerations. Shotcrete surfaces demonstrated exceptional waterproofing qualities and a high absorption rate of the StableCrete product into the matrix. High absorption rate (150 square feet per gallon or less) is due to high % of Portland Cement in the matrix and a more aggressive reaction of the product. No micro-cracking or alligatoring of treated surfaces was noted prior to backfill operation. Red tint shows where StableCrete was applied. David B. Lee WWTP, City of Melbourne, Florida

Sand blast of curing compound before StableCrete is applied. Lake Washington Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Melbourne, Florida

Project Lake Washington Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Melbourne, Florida

Owner Poole & Kent Company, Mike Caulfield (321) 751-1580

Contractor CH2M Hill, Allen Bigelow (321) 254-2190

Use StableCrete specified as waterproofing material on the exterior surface of a CT/Blending station built below water table approximately 28' deep. Product applied after a film forming curing compound was sandblasted from the surface. Positive test for waterproofing and acid resistance. No water penetration when de-watering pumps removed and area backfilled.

Interior coatings have superior performance with StableCrete applied. City of Melbourne ~ Re-Inspection 2 years

Project Grant Street WWTP, Melbourne, FL

Owner City of Melbourne

Contractor Mr. George Varall

Use Re-inspection of clarifier, two and one-half years after StableCrete application prior to coal tar coating. Coating "still looks brand new". No degradation of shotcrete which has come in contact with effluent due to pinholes/construction damage to coating and excellent adhesion of coal tar product to the treated surface.

Concrete Waterproofing and Sealer