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Distressed concretes with active corrosion and spalling of re-bar must be repaired before failure. Examination of the concrete will yield chloride content, pH levels, and strength data to assist in a prescription for repairs to ensure the longevity of a repair. 

StableCrete applied to an excavated area (ready for patch materials) will ensure a superior bond of the patch material because the waterproofed surface will not allow absorption of patch material water that creates hairline shrinkage cracks at a patching interface. This concrete waterproofing effect also maintains a low moisture-high ohms resistance concrete which suppresses anodic ring (secondary spalling) at the repair site. 

After placement of the repair/patching material is complete the entire new surface should be waterproofed to keep moisture and contaminants from entering the repaired area.

Complete Repair Projects of Reinforced Concrete with Steel Corrosion

Launch Pad 39B Restoration, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Project: Kennedy Space Center, Florida - Launch Pad 39B Restoration

Owner N.A.S.A., United Space Alliance, Reynolds Smith & Hills, Inc.

Contractor Iveys Construction/H.I.S. Painting, Dave Heyne (321) 385-9155

Use - Application to launchpad surface. Restoration, Kennedy Space Center, Florida. StableCrete was chosen as the migrating, corrosion-inhibiting coating for concrete surfaces of crawler way, catacomb roof, and Launchpad. These surfaces had been exposed to hydrochloric acid which is a by-product of propellant exhaust and water from the noise suppression system. Moisture had carried calcium a depth of four-plus feet to the catacomb roof below and stalactites were being formed on the roof surfaces creating a hazard for workmen in the area.

Sherwin-Williams Hi-Mil Sher-Tar Epoxy applied to crawler way surface after StableCrete application.

Testing and Visual Inspection of Nine Year Old Tank

Project: Testing and Visual Inspection of Nine Year Old Tank

Owner Undisclosed at the owner's request

Contractor Conselcor, Inc.

Use - Visual inspection and basic petrographic test to exterior surfaces of a nine-year-old Wire Wound Pre-Stressed Tank at the customer's request. Two each 2MG clarifiers in service continuously since 2000. Obvious signs of corrosion bleed through/discoloration to all tank surfaces. Several spalls of wire corroding with rust stains at multiple locations. Samples indicated a pH of 5, 3250 ppm Chlorides and unmeasured Sulphuric Acid content. Shotcrete material was not waterproofed at the time of construction. The contractor relied on conventional coating for protection. Tanks located 20 feet from open digester with wind-driven Hydrogen Sulfide being deposited on surfaces by prevailing winds. Immediate repairs recommended to arrest corrosion, restore pH levels and waterproof all exposed surfaces before new coating application. Re-Inspection schedule established to monitor repairs.

StableCrete waterproofing of top deck and parking garage. Phoenix Towers Condominium

Project: Phoenix Towers Condominium - Singer Island, Florida

Owner Old Port Cove Management, Dianne Fordering (561) 626-3100

Contractor A.T. Designs, Tim Marshall, P.E. (561) 881-7280

Use - Applied to a poured concrete roof deck after the concrete restoration was completed. Waterproofed a 25-year-old deck area used as tennis courts above the parking garage below. Chlorides were detected throughout the entire structure and the decision to apply StableCrete to the top surface and repairs accomplished during this repair was made to slow the corrosion process that had already begun.

Waterproofing the top surface at this stage did stop further water intrusion however future repairs will be needed as the active corrosion cells continue to compromise the already salt-laden concrete matrix. (Project was re-inspected five-plus years later in November of 2006 with positive testing for a waterproof surface and minor surface spall repair needed. Thru repairs were underway and included bottom mat as well as vertical support columns which were then failing due to continued corrosion. (Owner advised at this time to consider the installation of an impressed cathodic system to salvage the structure.)

StableCrete applied after repairs prevents secondary spalling. Balcony Deck Replacement

Project: Balcony Deck Replacement, Sunrise Condominiums, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Owner Southeast Restoration, Inc., Bill Kiper (386) 304-4200

Contractor Concorr, Inc., Ali Sohanghpurwala Bill Scannell (703) 729-7955

Use - Use of Stable Crete as a curing agent/evaporation retarder on new poured 4000 psi concrete elevated decks. Far superior cure of new concrete, now totally waterproofed as well as preventing the introduction of contaminants and loss of pH at reinforcing steel.

Concrete Waterproofing and Sealer