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Penetrating Concrete Sealer for Buildings

Penetrating Concrete Sealer

StableCrete penetrates deep into a concrete matrix via the Gel-Pore or Capillary system formed as bleed water evaporates coming to the surface as concrete cures. Penetrating into this microscopic system results in a solid being formed inside the concrete blocking entry of contaminates. It also stops internal chemistry from migrating out to an atmosphere causing harmful surface conditions. 

How Does Penetrating Concrete Sealer Work? 

By penetrating into a concrete, StableCrete does not form a film on the surface which will require removal prior to coating applications at a later date. There are no changes to abrasive characteristics of a surface and all coatings tested have demonstrated excellent adhesion and compatibility with a treated surface. As StableCrete forms the solid inside the matrix it densifies and increases the compressive strength to prevent dusting and abrasion of high traffic areas. It lasts for years to come so new buildings stay brand new and any restored buildings can be returned to former beauty. It's excellent for moist climates and seaside buildings or walls.

Penetrating Concrete Sealer

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