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Create a Low/No Moisture and Oxygen Matrix with Waterproofed Concrete

Two of the four ingredients necessary for corrosion to take place are moisture and oxygen. Waterproofing concrete serves to prohibit moisture and contaminants from entering a concrete surface. 

Applied to new concretes the effects of carbonation are halted before they begin to decrease the pH levels as the atmosphere no longer affects a treated surface. Early protection against carbonation maintains the high ph levels of a concrete interior, thus keeping the "Passivating Layer" intact at steel reinforcement locations. 

Steel in concrete does not corrode as long as a high pH concrete is surrounding the embedded steel. StableCrete can not be Re-Applied with time and does not harm metals or glass it comes in contact with.

Completed Waterproof Concrete Flooring Protection Projects

Water penetration and acid reactivity demonstrated on untreated surface. Protection of aged concrete of chlorine Contact Chambers Chlorine Contact ~ Field Acid Test

Project: Protection of aged concrete of chlorine Contact Chambers Chlorine Contact

Owner Clay County Utilities, Clay County, Florida

Contractor North Florida Construction, Inc. Gee and Jensen Engineering

Use - Red Tinted StableCrete used to treat interior rehabilitated concrete surfaces of many chlorine contact chambers approximately 20 years old. Testing with water and acid is a common practice to demonstrate proper application and absorption into the concrete. This photo is a close up of the top surface of one wall. Toward the bottom, an arc is visible that is StableCete that was applied to a small area of the top surface as well as the sides in the tank. The Red color is beginning to fade out as is normal after exposure to the sun for about ten days. Notice two drops of liquid in the treated area and two above the treated area. These were placed using an eyedropper at the same time.

The untreated area above has a drop of water on the left and a drop of Hydrochloric acid to the right. The water is being readily absorbed into the concrete. The acid is producing fumes, bubbling and consuming the lime in the concrete that is typical of acid introduced to an untreated surface. The two drops within the arc on the bottom show no penetration into the concrete and no reactivity to the acid. Structures received a coating 48 hours later and will enjoy many more years of service even after the coating begins to deteriorate with age.

Unidentified Tank Wall

Project: Unidentified Tank Wall

Owner Municipality

Contractor Testing conducted by ConselcoR, Inc.

Use - Leak check of tank wall demonstrates the area of wall overlooked when StableCrete was applied. The left and right sides received proper application while the center shows water penetration through concrete at lift locations that did not receive proper vibration/consolidation during construction. Acid testing of surfaces confirmed no application to the center area. Red tinted product was not used therefore, there was no visual indication of treated surfaces until the tank was filled. Several construction days lost to drain and reacclimate tank wall for proper application of the product before backfilling operations commenced. The retest of the area revealed no penetration of tank water to the wall exterior.

Waterproofing of 40+ year old Water Tanks

Project: Typical Testing on Concrete Wall

Owner ConselcoR Post Application

Contractor Testing conducted by ConselcoR, Inc.

Use - Red tint StableCrete applied within Blue taped boundaries. Runoff down the wall is noticeable. 24 hours after application water is introduced to protected surface and untreated area on the left. Observe water being absorbed into untreated concrete on left and below in areas where StableCrete was not evenly applied. Red tinted product is used on larger surface areas to enable Quality Control personnel to have a visual indication of the application without testing all concrete surfaces. Tint fades out with UV exposure or is easily washed off with water.

Concrete Waterproofing and Sealer